Concrete coatings are a great way to spice up existing concrete, it would also be useful when removing and replacing concrete is not cost effective for your project.  Not only do you have as many options to add creative flare to your project with concrete coatings, but it is also less time and labour intensive to install.  Times when concrete coatings are most useful are when there are surrounding structures that run a risk of being damaged during demolition (i.e. staircases, swimming pools, walls).  If the concrete is in good enough shape to restore it, then concrete coatings are recommended. 

We can stamp the concrete coating to allow you to create a distinctive pattern to match your surroundings and add appeal to the area.  Using stamping patterns you can create stone, slate, brick, wood, cobblestone and many other patterns for a fraction of the cost.  The durability of concrete makes concrete coatings a great alternative to other masonry materials. 

The minimum concrete that needs to be applied is 3/8 inch. You may need to apply more concrete depending on the deepness of the impression on the concrete stamp.


Benefits of Concrete Coatings


Concrete… the smart choice!


Concrete coatings allow you to keep existing concrete but have a renewed look which is more cost effective.

Concrete coating can be combined with stamped concrete projects to reduce the amount of work and cost required.

Concrete is one of the most versatile, durable, and cost effective building materials known to man.  It’s environmentally sustainable, with “green” credentials that outperform both steel and timber.

Second only to water, concrete is the second most consumed substance on earth.

Concrete can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% due to its excellent thermal mass energy consumption.

Concrete is a very small contributor to greenhouse gases.

Concrete is completely non-combustible (classified A1 fire retardant material) and has a slow rate of heat transfer, making it highly effective against the spread of fire.

Concrete is non-allergenic – it does not harbor dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens.

Concrete is “pet friendly” – accidents wipe up with a damp cloth.

Concrete requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean.

Concrete is exceptionally durable.

Concrete allows endless possibilities for creative custom design.

Concrete can simulate the look of other materials.  It can be coloured, textured and stamped to resemble brick, flagstone, wood, slate, marble and granite.